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What To Look For In a Wireless Router

Posted 26 Jun 2018

At the same time as all wireless routers can also look comparable, they could in fact be very specific. one component is for sure, in case you are not very technically minded, some of the can appear to be an impenetrable fog.

6 Things To Consider When Buying A Wireless Router

Posted 16 Jun 2018

Are you going to buy a fresh home network or upgrade the current one? In both cases, you will need to buy a good wireless router. Buying the right device is important if you want a flawless network that will give you no trouble. Given below are a few important things to consider when buying a wireless router?

How to Use IFTTT With Your Smart Home

Posted 15 Jun 2018

Automate your smart home using a IFTTT account.

What to Look for When Upgrading Your Wireless Access Points

Posted 15 Jun 2018

Are your wireless access points getting outdated and need to be upgraded? Are you unsure which model/brands to choose? There are some things to consider when upgrading your wireless access points. Some of the things that you should consider when upgrading your wireless environment are speed and performance requirements.

Discover How WiFi Can Be Better

Posted 10 Jun 2018

Those who live in large apartments or private homes often face a situation where one wireless router, however good it may be, cannot provide full and consistent Wi-Fi coverage around the entire home. As a result, in one room the speed is perfect, and in the other part of the house, there are so-called dead zones where the signal level is either too low to be useful, or disappears completely.

How to Choose the Perfect Wi-Fi Router

Posted 10 Jun 2018

The key to a connected home is the connected part. A smart device without the wireless communication features is just a regular old device! Some smart devices communicate through Bluetooth, but the vast majority connect through Wi-Fi. Therefore, the Wi-Fi< router is one of the most important components of a smart home!