What To Look For In a Wireless Router

What To Look For In a Wireless Router

By: Sally Quintana

Last updated: Jun 26 2018


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At the same time as all wireless routers can also look comparable, they could in fact be very specific. one component is for sure, in case you are not very technically minded, some of the can appear to be an impenetrable fog. so, for people who aren’t technical whizzes, but still need to find the excellent wi-fi router for under $a hundred, here is a basic guide to choosing the quality finances wi-fi router for your private home.

Do you want one at all?

Before you even begin to fear approximately the price and what all the jargon means, the firstQuestion you have to ask is; do you want one at all? if you simplest have one computer which you need to connect with the net, and you continually use it within the identical room, consider that you can simply join through a cable.

Determine what you want it for

Wi-fi routers can vary notably fee, so don’t get bamboozled by a sales character and come to be buying some thing that you do not really want. work out what it is you may be using your net connection for before you start looking round. ifYou are most effective going to be browsing the internet some instances an afternoon and reading your emails, you may only need a very simple version. however, if you have one person inside the domestic who likes to observe films, every other who will want to play on-line video games, and you will nonetheless need with the intention to read your emails, you would need a more high-priced version to address all that traffic.


This is not the item to get too much into the technical jargon side of factors, however speed rankings areSome thing that you need to recollect. the velocity of a wireless router is proven in megabits per second (mbps). to give you an idea of what meaning; early fashions have been in the place of 11mbps, a mid-range version would be within the range of one hundred fifty mbps to six hundred mbps, and a top of the variety product would offer a theoretical pace of over 1,000mbps. there may be no need to shop for the nice all-in-one wi-fi router you can discover in case your net usage goes to be mild.


If you want to get a wireless signal anywhere inside the domestic, then the variety may be something that you have to test. be aware, even though, that the variety specified in the producers specs can be the maximum possible range, and there are loads of factors that may disrupt or weaken a wireless signal.

Take a look at the warranties

If you are looking at finances wi-fi routers and wireless routers for much less than $2 hundred, then ensure that you take a look at what form of warranty is offered with the product. if a manufacturer isn’tPrepared to aid its products with a respectable warranty, it could be a demonstration that the pleasant of the product isn’t as good because it have to be.

Read opinions

One of the ways to find out if what you are buying is simply as accurate as the manufacturer claims it to be, is to study consumer critiques. although a few critiques won’t be true, you can nevertheless typically spot the fashion in opinions and work out of the product is really worth including for your brief listing of wireless routers.