4Mile Long Range MURS

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Last updated: Jun 28 2018
4Mile Long Range MURS


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The first long-range wireless intercom of its kind, the all-new MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) Wireless Intercom System offers an amazing communication range of up to four miles.*

The MURS Wireless Intercom System is fully expandable to an unlimited number of intercom base stations and hand-held MURS radio walkie-talkies for mobile communication while you are traveling around your property. The MURS Wireless Intercom System is fully digital and offers high-quality sound and secure connections.

How to use: Plug in intercoms and turn to the same channel. Press the PTT (Push-to-Talk) button to communicate to all other intercoms on that channel. Press the Call button to page another intercom. Monitor mode lets you listen to all sub-channel communication on a particular main channel.

Each base station measures approximately 6” x 5.5” x 1” (excluding antenna).

One year manufacturer’s warranty.

Frequency: 151.82-154.60 MHz.

Power: Included plug-in adapters, 12V DC.

For indoor use only. Not waterproof.

*Please Note: Although line-of-sight is not required, the maximum range is based on optimal conditions with minimal interference. Wireless range is affected by objects such as walls, trees, etc. Actual range may vary, depending on environment.


  1. Professional grade LONG RANGE wireless intercom system with up to a 4-mile range (range diminished by trees, hills, and buildings)
  2. Set of two base stations included but fully expandable to an UNLIMITED number of MURS intercoms.
  3. SUPER EASY to set up. No pairing required, just turn to the desired channel. 5 channels and 38 sub-channels.
  4. LOUD adjustable volume and EXCELLENT sound quality.
  5. Compatible with all MURS radio frequency products.