Alexa WiFi Power Strip

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Last updated: Jul 26 2018
Alexa WiFi Power Strip


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Alloda selling team willing to bring more value to our customer. We consider about every circumstance when you use the power strip, we found that we can do a little bit more. All the alloda power strip package come with cord management kit - 3* CABLE CLIPS and 3* CABLE TIES. After purchasing the Alloda power strip, we hope your home not only be smarter but also tidier.  


1. Confirm the hold working current of power strip within total 10A or the electrical power within 1650 watts. 

2. Please be sure your phone is connecting 2.4GHz WIFI Network when you first set up the power strip. Does NOT support the 5.0GHz. 

3. Detail steps to connect the ALEXA ECHO , Google Home and IFTTT can be found in the APP “Profile - Integration” 

Explanation of the Android APP Permissions: 

1. Location, As the app can provide a custom scene like the sunset, Light on. It needs to know the location to confirm the sunrise and sunset time. 

2. Camera Permission for the scan QR CODE to provide hassle-free app installation. 

3. Contact Permissions for the device Sharing purpose. in the app, you can easily just choose the phone no. of your family in the contact and allow them to control the power strip. 

4. Phone and Storage: As the APP also work with alarm or security camera, it can send a message to the cell phone to mention someone is knocking the door and see who it is. 

As an honest Amazon seller, Alloda follows the code of ethics, We protect our customer privacy, all the app permission aim to provide a better experience when you using the APP only. Thanks! 


  1. 【 Build Your Smart Home 】- One single Alloda Smart Power Strip turn your 5 home appliances into the smart mode. Turn ON / OFF each AC Plug and the four USB Ports by APP, Alexa or Google Home Voice Assistant independently, You can also set timer or schedules on each AC plug. Here is your first step to enter Smart Home generation. Good choice as an Alexa accessories.
  2. 【 Works With Amazon Echo and Google Home 】- The WiFi Power Strip can Works with Amazon Alexa Echo and Google Home Assistant. Assign a name to each AC outlet and communicate with each plug by name when making a voice command. Try “Alexa, turn on the TV Top Box.” APP: Smart Life (supports IOS 8.0 above, Android 4.4 above).
  3. 【 Set Timer and Schedules】- Through the app, you can schedule the operating time of your devices, schedule the floor lamp to turn on at sunset, or turn on the coffee pot every 8:00 AM, Maintain a sweet dream and cut the bill in the winter by scheduling water purifier off at midnight. You can also create a group for all your smart devices and control them all with one command.
  4. 【 Smart USB & Resettable Circuit Breaker】 - Smart USB provide all your devices exactly current what they need with Alloda Smart Adaptive Charging Technology - up to 2.4A per USB port. With Resettable Circuit Breaker, after an overload or a short circuit, press the black button, the power strip come back to life again, different from other one time circuit Breaker in the market.
  5. 【 Warranty Guarantee and Notes 】- Comes with ONE YEAR warranty guarantee.1) Please be sure when you first set up the alexa power strip, your phone should connect 2.4GHz WIFI Network only; 2) Do not exceed the maximum current of 10A per AC outlet and maximum power of 1650W in total; 3) For indoor and dry location use only;