ATT 1070 4Line Expandable

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Last updated: Jun 28 2018
ATT 1070 4Line Expandable


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AT&T 4 line speaker phone caller ID,call wait The AT&T 1070 Corded Speakerphone is perfect for businesses that need a Speakerphone that supports four lines. The phone is DSL compatible and has a three-party conferencing feature that lets you conduct business with three people together on three different lines. Each line has its own light indicator, and can be set with a different ring tones for easy distinction of incoming calls. Automatic line selection means that when the phone is ringing and you pick up, you will be connected to the one that is ringing.

As your company grows, the phone system can be expanded to 16 stations with AT&T models 1040, 1080, and 1080. The phone allows you to page, intercom, and transfer calls between stations. A large display provides easy-to-read text for setup and caller information. The phone has a 200-entry memory and a 200-name-and-number caller ID history. Numbers stored in the caller ID history can be dialed directly; and with call waiting-capable caller ID, you can see who is calling even when you are already on the line. If you subscribe to a voicemail service, a red light blinks when you have voicemail waiting. The phone has 32 speed dial and 16 intercom number locations for one-button access to your most frequently called numbers. Memory loss protection prevents the phone from losing its saved data. For hands-free operation, the 2.5-millimeter jacks lets you connect a headset.


  1. 4 line operation. Compatible with as few as 1, and as many as 4, telephone lines
  2. 32 Speed Dial and 16 Intercom;Chain Dialing
  3. 3-Party Conferencing
  4. Speakerphone; Product does not work on a digital line, Refer user manual below.
  5. Handset, Speakerphone, Headset and Ringer Control Volume
  6. DSL Subscribers may need to us a DSL Filter