Dot Genie Google WiFi

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Last updated: Jun 13 2018
Dot Genie Google WiFi


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The Spot for Google WIFI was designed in the USA by a home inspector who knows how important it is to combat cord clutter in our ever-growing connected lives. The Spot for Google WIFI is a simple and easy way to install your system in the very best locations and create beacons like the other routers on the market.


  1. The first and original outlet mount designed in the USA to make installing your Google WiFi routers a snap and reduce cord clutter!
  2. Now any open electrical outlet in your home or business can become a Google WiFi beacon, making the setup of your network so much simpler.
  3. The Spot for Google WiFi uses the cord that comes with your router and wraps it neatly around our patented “Cord Groove Organizer”
  4. Can easily be moved from room to room, unlike all the other mounts on the market which require permanent placement.
  5. Ports are open on the side and rear for installing data cables if desired; or simply use as a stand-alone beacon.