IntermaticSmart GuardIG2240IMSKWhole Home SurgeProtector

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Last updated: Jul 11 2018
IntermaticSmart GuardIG2240IMSKWhole Home SurgeProtector


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Intermatic’s Smart Guard Surge Protective Device (SPD) uses TPMOV (Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor) technology to protect your home or lite commercial environment from surges in power supply, eliminating the potentially hazardous failure modes that are commonly associated with standard MOV technology. Type 1 applications include outdoor installations before service entrances and utility meter cabinets. Type 2 applications include installations after service entrances. Installation of an Intermatic Smart Guard Surge Protective Device (SPD) provides surge protection for your entire home and all of the expensive appliances and electronic equipment inside your home, such as computers, gaming setups, home theatres and other electronic equipment. Smart Guard uses replaceable IModule with LED lights that indicate when IModule needs replacing.


  1. Provides surge protection for your entire home and its appliances by utilizing trusted, state-of-the-art TPMOV (Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor) surge protection technology
  2. Replaceable modules can be easily and safely replaced by end user (unit ships with 3 consumable modules and a flush-mount kit)
  3. A blue light indicates the SPD unit is ON and a green light indicates surge protection is active
  4. Type 1 or 2 surge protector allows for mounting at service entrance, utility meter or other branch panel locations
  5. $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  6. Flush Mount Kit IG2200-FMK - included with IG2240-IMSK