IntraSonic Home Intercom System

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Last updated: Jun 27 2018
IntraSonic Home Intercom System


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Our IntraSonic (IST) I2000M Intercom and Music Distribution System is a popular music intercom offering high quality, multi-source audio delivery.


  1. (1) I2000M Master Music Intercom Unit with Ipod Dock built in, housing
  2. (1) I2000PMPDOOR Personal Music Player Door
  3. (6) I2000R Room Intercom Stations with 3.5mm Audio Input (All PMP-HGR, MP3 Hangar Brackets Included)(1) I2000P WHITE Outdoor Patio Intercom Station Distributed Audio iPod Jack
  4. (1) I2000D White door unit with built in chime
  5. (1) Portable Bluetooth Device (can be plugged into the master unit)