Iris Contact Sensor

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Last updated: Jul 15 2018
Iris Contact Sensor


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Use the Iris Contact Sensor anywhere you want to monitor if something has been opened or closed. Flexible mounting options mean they are easy to install and can be relocated with ease. Use them also to monitor temperature wherever they are installed and know if windows, basements and attics are properly insulated. Or mount them at key entry points to your home and receive notifications if doors and windows are opened unexpectedly. The Iris Smart Hub is required to connect the Contact Sensor with the Iris app. Premium service may be required for some features.


  1. Iris offers 247 Pro Monitoring for only $14.95/month
  2. Use on doors, windows, cabinets, safes or anywhere you want to be notified when something is opened or closed
  3. Easy installation with flexible mounting options
  4. Also reports temperature wherever it is installed
  5. Compatible with Iris Smart Home System
  6. Manage and monitor your smart devices through Iris App on your Smartphone
  7. Visit for information and support
  8. Iris requires broadband internet, iOS 8.0+ on an iPhone5 or later or Android 4.1+