IST RETRO Intercom Room

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Last updated: Jun 27 2018
IST RETRO Intercom Room


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The IST RETRO Intercom Room Station is the indoor intercom station for the IST RETRO Music & Intercom System. Designed to replace pre-existing room stations, no new wiring is required. Once installed, the Room Station allows you to play music distributed from the Master Station and communicate with other stations in your system. The Master Station supports up to 13 room/patio stations. When a call is initiated from any station in the system, all stations will be paged for the call. When the call is answered, the conversation becomes private to the two stations involved, and the receiving station can talk hands-free. You can also use any Room Station to listen in on other individual or multiple stations, perfect for monitoring children. In addition to intercom communication, the Room Station allows you to play audio from the radio or any source connected to the Master Station. Two different sources can be played through different stations simultaneously, so one family member can listen to radio while another listens to an external audio source. Station Controls: Source Button: Press to select the auxiliary input. Press and hold to listen to the Door Station (sold separately). Talk Button: Initiates call to all intercom stations in the system. Listen Button: Answers a call and enables hands-free communication. Volume Knob: Controls the volume of the intercom and music. Privacy Button: Prevents monitoring by other stations. Set Button: Momentarily press to scan through radio presets. Press and hold to toggle radio On/Off. Can activate the optional door unlock feature. You can create an entire whole-room audio system with a Room Station by optionally connecting 8-ohm 30W or 100W external speakers (sold separately). NOTE: Requires the IST RETRO Music & Intercom System Master Station. Adapter plates and other accessories not included. COLOR: White.


  1. Indoor intercom station for the IST RETRO Music & Intercom System
  2. Retrofits into an existing room station hole
  3. Provides indoor communication with other stations
  4. Plays music distributed from the Master Station
  5. Color: White