IST RETRO Music Intercom

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Last updated: Jun 27 2018
IST RETRO Music Intercom


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Upgrade your home’s outdated intercom system with the IST RETRO Music & Intercom System Package (5 Rooms, Vertical Frames). This unique system replaces pre-existing 3, 4, or 6-wire in-wall intercoms without requiring drywall repair or new wiring. Once it’s installed, you will have a full-featured music and intercom system that interconnects five rooms of your home, as well as the front door, your patio, and your Master Station (expandable to 13 door/patio stations and 2 door stations total). The package comes with a Master Station, five Room Stations, one Patio Station, and one Door Station. The Master is the main station and distribution hub. It allows you to communicate with and play music through any and/or all stations in the system. Master Station: Retrofits into the hole of your existing master unit. Optionally supports external speakers. AM/FM radio with 10 presets, dock for MP3 players and other audio sources, USB/Firewire ports. Door release. Room Stations: Each allows you to play music distributed from the Master and communicate with other stations. When a call is initiated, all stations are paged. When the call is answered, the conversation becomes private to the two stations involved. You can use any Room Station to listen in on other stations. Door Station: When a visitor presses the doorbell button, all stations chime. You can answer from any station. The system comes with adapter and cover plates to retrofit new stations into existing holes of old stations. These plates cover space left by old stations, eliminating the need for drywall repair. The included Vertical Room Adapter/Cover Plate Kits are designed to cover space left by vertical room station holes that are greater in height than width. KIT INCLUDES: Master Station (RETRO-M), Door Station (RETRO-D), Patio Station (RETRO-5P), (5) Room Stations (RETRO-5R), (5) Vertical Room Adapter/Cover Plate Kits (RETRO-5RV), Master Station Cover Plate (RETRO-MTP), Screws. COLOR: White.


  1. Retrofit intercom system to replace existing 3, 4, or 6-wire in-wall intercoms
  2. No need for drywall repair or new wiring
  3. All stations support 8-ohm external speakers
  4. System can expand up to 15 zones/stations total
  5. Color: White