Lycase Outlet Wall Mount

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Last updated: Jul 12 2018
Lycase Outlet Wall Mount


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Compatible with Google Home Mini Voice Assistants

The smart mount keeps your speaker on vertical surface such as wall, cabinet or anywhere you like, to make it easier to catch the sound and more effective the command is noticed, no more furniture or other items blocking it.

Easy to Install

Simply plug your speaker’s power supply into the outlet, put the device into the bracket, and use the short cord that comes with the Mount to plug the dot into the power supply. Now you have your speaker off the counter and ready to use.

Notes: ONLY FITS Google Home Mini and its orginal power adapter

Package includes:
Outlet wall mount x 1

No muffling of microphones or speakers
The outlet wall mount was specifically designed with spacing such that the acoustics of microphones and speakers in the front back and sides of a range of puck speakers are not muffled.

Works with outlets
the outlet wall mount is designed to work with vertical outlets - even those in tricky places.


  1. No Drilling Holes And Screws: Very easy to install and lock the Spearker with a secure clip perfectly
  2. No Voice and Sound Loss: No microphones and speakers are blocked
  3. Convenience: Move your device to more convenient locations as a wall mount or stand holder and give your outlet a lot cleaner and tidier appearance.
  4. The Wall mount Installs in seconds and works with outlets. No drilling in your walls required! Great for bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and ALL other rooms.
  5. Compatibility: the wall mount compatible with Google Home Mini Voice Assistants