Matone Google Home Mini

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Last updated: Jul 11 2018
Matone Google Home Mini


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Perfect Home for Your Google Home Mini

✦ Fits Google Home Mini perfectly , and easy access to the mute switch.
✦ Functional wall mount, allows full use of the other outlet.
✦ Customized hook portion fits more snug to Mini’s wall plug.
✦ No wires showing, keeps everything neat and modern.
✦ Designed to work with both horizontal and vertical outlets.

Package Includes
1 x Wall Mount
1 x User Manual

At Matone, we back this Home Mini Holder with 12-month warranty. If you meet any questions, please contact us, we will fix your issue within 24 hours.


  1. 【Home Mini Wall Mount】Designed for Google Home Mini Voice Assistants ONLY
  2. 【Perfect Cord Arrangement】Say goodbye to long ugly cord bunched up behind the mini, it has wire spiral in back which is helpful for winding extra cable. Then you still use the original power adapter to power on the mini, safer and cleaner than before!
  3. 【Secure and Stable】Fit is snug, and retention is strong with the small fingers that “grab” the home mini. Compact design with a tailored hook portion for the original wall plug, makes the mini fit snug in the mount and the mount fit snug in the outlet
  4. 【Simple yet Functional】Unlike the similar holders that blocks the third grounding hole, our ingenious outlet mounts move the mini out of the way and still left an important outlet free. Works with vertical and horizontal outlets, and great for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms
  5. 【Awesome Mini Companion】Keep your mini on on vertical surface such as wall, cabinet or anywhere you like. Now the sound is directed out towards you instead of up towards the ceiling. An essential mini accessory you must have!