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Last updated: Jul 14 2018
Mini Smart Plug Outlet


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Have the smart home of your dreams at your fingertips. Our smart plugs allows you to control your devices and automate your home. Never leave devices running: have under control your devices and home appliances from your smartphone. Reduce the risk of fire due to appliances overcharging and overheating. Control from anywhere: Control your devices from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi. Make your house safer by using away-mode and giving the appearance that someone is home when you are traveling. Prepare a crockpot meal and have it ready when you get home for dinner. Streamline your daily routine: through our app “Smart Life” control your devices and use our timing functions. Have your coffee and toast ready in the morning and save time. You can also set a schedule for your heater or air conditioner so you have the perfect temperature when you get home. Hands free voice control: our smart plugs are compatible with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home. Manage your devices through your voice. No more wondering where you left your smartphone or tablet to turn on/off your home devices. No Hub required: it is really simple and easy to install,there is no need for a central hubs. Follow the instructions on the manual or use our tutorial video. Productd voltage:100-240V, Rated current:10A (Max),AC Frequency: 50-60Hz, Max Power: 2200W for 220V, 1100W for 110V, In the box:3 smart plugs, User manual, Note: Only support 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not support 5.0GHz Wi-Fi. Compatible with Android 4.1 and higher or iOS 7.0 and higher. Size:3. Set-up with Smart Life 1.Search for the “Smart Life” on the App store or Google Play. You can also scan the QR code in our User Manual provided. 2.Register/Login to the App using your phone number or email address. Averification code will be sent if you are attempting to register. 3.Select Add Device or the “+” icon. 4.Connect your device to a socket and Long press the on/off button for 5s until the light flashes. 5.Select the device and tap


  1. ✔ Smart remote control: our smart plugs work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to manage your home devices through voice control and through our App “Smart Life” on your smartphone and tablet from anywhere. No hub or subscription required. Our product supports IFTTT
  2. ✔ Use scheduling function: Switch your home appliances on/off automatically by setting a time and date with the smart suckets. You can schedule electrical devices such as light, christmas lighting, humidifier, coffee maker, air conditioner etc using timer.
  3. ✔ Easy to install: Connect through Wi-Fi network, no hub required. You can control your smart plug from different devices from anywhere you desire through our app. Just plug the smart socket into an outlet and pair it through our app with your Amazon Alexa or Google assistant and google mini
  4. ✔ Save energy and increase home security: get the smart home of your dream with our plugs. Save energy by creating schedules and keep your devices safe from overcharging. Streamline home security for the extended days you’re away by giving the appearance that someone is home using our “Away mode”.
  5. ✔ Customer Satisfaction and Warranty: Our smart outlet plugs are ETL and FCC certified. We offer a 1 year warranty. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have. *Only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi