MLL Smart Wireless Door

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Last updated: Jun 28 2018
MLL Smart Wireless Door


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1, Voicemail: The owner did not respond within 30 seconds, the doorbell will prompt message, the guest message is pushed to the APP group
2, easy to install, outdoor equipment can be pasted and fixed.
3, adapt to the temperature: -10 °C -50 °C
4, the signal is stable, open distance 85M
5, ultra-low power consumption, with 3 batteries on the 7th, at least 180 days
6, mobile phone APP adjust the volume and select 30 kinds of ringtones, adjustable to banned
1 * Indoor plug-in receiver
1 * Smart Transmitter
1 * 3M glue
1 * English user manual
3 section 7 batteries


  1. Voice intercom: Beyond the traditional doorbell, you can hear it at home, and you can also answer the call online.
  2. Voicemail: The owner did not respond within 30 seconds. The doorbell will prompt message and the guestbook will be pushed to the APP group.
  3. Power-off memory: Reboot after power off, and the ringtone and volume are set unchanged before power off.
  4. Choose from 30 ring tones: The classic bell sounds mellow and melodious. Press the doorbell button and the bell sounds.
  5. Low-energy design: Save power, sleep automatically when not in use, and use 3 batteries of 7 batteries at a time, for at least 180 days.