NETGEAR AC2200 Mesh WiFi

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Last updated: Jun 7 2018
NETGEAR AC2200 Mesh WiFi


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Extend your existing WiFi with Nighthawk X4 AC2200 WiFi Mesh Extender, and get the speeds that you pay for throughout your home. This Mesh Extender improves coverage and works with your home WiFi to create a powerful WiFi System. Includes Mesh features like Smart Roaming and One WiFi Name. Easily connect all your smart home devices to one network, no new WiFi names and passwords needed. Move from room-to-room while streaming video on your mobile device without any interruptions. Other powerful features like MU-MIMO and Smart Connect ensure every device is assigned the fastest available WiFi connection. Easy setup with a touch of a button. Boost your WiFi to the extreme with this Nighthawk X4 Wall-plug WiFi Mesh Extender. Works with your existing WiFi router, gateway, or ISP provided gateway. NOTE: Firmware upgrade & factory reset required to unlock Mesh WiFi features.


  1. Create your own Mesh Network - This Mesh WiFi Extender improves coverage and works with your home WiFi to create a powerful WiFi System.
  2. Smart Roaming - Freely move around your home without the fear of disconnecting. The WiFi Mesh extender automatically hands off your connection between your router and extender.
  3. One WiFi Name - Creates a single network and extends coverage of your home’s WiFi with one WiFi name and security password.
  4. Works with your Existing WiFi - Easily creates an extended mesh WiFi system with your existing gateway, router, or ISP provided gateway.
  5. Dual band WiFi up to 2.2Gbps - Extends 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi signals from existing WiFi routers for better range.
  6. Smart Connect - Intelligently selects the optimal WiFi band for every device.
  7. Max Coverage - High power amplifiers and internal antenna array increase whole-home coverage.
  8. MU-MIMO - Simultaneous streaming to multiple devices.