Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor

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Last updated: Jul 24 2018
Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor


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The SmartThings Arrival Sensor can be used in a child’s bag, a car or around a pet’s collar to monitor when they arrive or leave home. It can also emit a beeping noise to help you find your keys.It requires the SmartThings Hub.


  1. Get alerts when people and pets approach and leave a specified area, such as a home or office.
  2. Trigger different actions to take place when you arrive or leave home
  3. Be notified if someone doesn’t arrive home by a certain time and operating temperature (degrees Fahrenheit) is 41 to 95 degree
  4. This version has a more minimal profile than the original SmartSense Presence sensor.
  5. Additional Requirements: Samsung SmartThings Hub