TurboLock TL99 Bluetooth Smart

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Last updated: Jun 14 2018
TurboLock TL99 Bluetooth Smart


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Upgrade to keyless security with the TurboLock TL-99 Keypad Door Lock featuring 1 administrative code, unlimited eKeys, and a backlit keypad. It retrofits existing doors for an easy DIY job that requires no expensive professionals.

Connect to the Bluetooth® lock via the Android and iOS app to send or delete as many eKeys as you need with a tap of your phone! eKeys can be programmed on demand for single use for emergencies and deliveries, scheduled access for pet and babysitters, and permanent eKeys for friends and families. You can monitor your lock in real-time via notifications and even track eKey and unlocking history.

Bluetooth® capability makes comprehensive security easy, accessible, and convenient for older or disabled folks. No more tangled key rings! Just use your phone to wirelessly unlock the keyless door lock.

Apartment managers and vacation rental owners will have no problem managing their business, changing user access, and assigning new eKeys to incoming tenants. There will be no complicated change of locks and each new eKey will be as secure as the last!

Automatic locking ensures peace of mind, so you won’t have to worry about locking your doors ever again! Then, during family parties at home or high customer traffic at your shop, activate Passive Mode for hassle-free guest entry with a press of a button. There is also a Mute Mode for moments when you want a little peace and quiet.

With its weather sealed zinc alloy, the digital door lock resists the elements and promotes no-fuss cleaning.


  1. LIVE MONITORING - Never wonder about your security again with real-time updates and notifications via the smart lock app
  2. UNLIMTED eKEYS - Use the app to create permanent, time sensitive, or single use eKeys on demand for visitors and friends
  3. PASSIVE MODE FOR GUESTS - Activate Passive Mode during high traffic occasions so guests can enter with a press of any button
  4. WEATHERPROOF - The keypad lock boasts durable & easy-to-clean zinc alloy for security that withstands most weather conditions
  5. SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Install the Bluetooth® smart door lock using a screwdriver and without needing costly professionals!