Ultra Clarity Cables Coaxial

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Last updated: Jun 28 2018
Ultra Clarity Cables Coaxial


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Ensure a quality connection between your cable box, satellite, antenna, HDTV and more with this Triple Shielded Coaxial Cable Connector from Ultra Clarity Cables.

The gold-plated connector makes it anti-oxidant, which effectively guarantees signal transmission quality and longer service life.

The coaxial cable is compatible with most HDTVs with coaxial jacks for wide-ranging use.

These Ultra Clarity Cables connectors are heavy duty with 3 layer shielding that ensures efficient performance and enjoy a crisp signal without electromagnetic & radio frequency interference.

Ready to install and use; plug and play. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  1. PRIMARY USES AND APPLICATIONS - This 6 Foot Coaxial cable is used for connecting a cable television, satellite receiver, cable modems, VCR, cable box, digital router, antenna, computer network connections, digital audio, converter box and for other audio and visual purposes.
  2. IN-WALL USE - Ultra Clarity Cables CL3 cable are in wall rated for fire safety codes. Multi-purpose wire used for security systems, speaker wire, intercom systems, nurse call buttons, and more.
  3. SUITABLE ANYWHERE - Triple Shielded RG6 coaxial cable perfect for outdoor or indoor use. These Triple Shielded CL3 cable offers protection from electric shock which is made to carry more voltage.
  4. GOLD PLATED CONNECTOR - The coaxial cable is gold plated which minimizes interference and provides a reliable smooth surface that connects perfectly with the mated surface, plus this cable is corrosion resistant.
  5. HIGH QUALITY CONNECTOR - Durable coaxial cable connector that will not pull off, break, lose signal or come loose.