Verizon Wireless F256VW Home

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Last updated: Jul 7 2018
Verizon Wireless F256VW Home


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Product Description Thanks to Verizon Home Phone Connect, you can connect your home phone to Verizons CDMA network without having to change your phone number. The even better part Home Phone Connect allows you to make and receive calls like you would on a traditional land line, and it even works during a dreaded power outage. Just like with a landline, you’ll continue to have caller ID, call forwarding, three-way calling, and call waiting. GPS allows you to have the same 911 support you’d have on a traditional landline phone. Home phone transfer has never been easier with Verizon Home Phone Connect. LED indicators for signal strength and when a message is waiting. Easy to set up and does not require additional software or internet services. What is Home Phone Connect? Home Phone Connect (HPC) uses a wireless solution that provides a convenient and cost-efficient alternative to the traditional landline phone service. Tired of having multiple phone bills? With HPC, you will receive one bill for all Verizon Wireless services. The device provides two telephone ports and uses the same number, so you can keep your existing home phone. To get started, plug one end of a telephone cable (RJ11) into a port and the other end into the back of a home phone or base unit. How It Works Customers porting in their home number will not be able to receive calls until the porting process is completed (2 -10 business days). To make and receive calls, the home telephone should be connected directly to the telephone jack until the porting process is complete. To Make Calls Before making a call, make sure at least one of the signal strength indicators are lit up. Place a call by entering the desired telephone number. The number will be dialed automatically. When your call is complete, hang up or return the phone to the receiver to ensure that you can receive calls.


  1. Clear voice as well as caller ID with name and number, call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling and emergency services. All this is included in one, low monthly fee.
  2. No longer do you have to manage multiple bills or overpay for regular phone service,
  3. Simply bring your existing home telephone number with you.
  4. Verizon Home Phone Connect provides the flexibility you crave.
  5. Home Phone Connect offers all the standard features with high quality