ZKTeco Keyless Bluetooth Locks

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Last updated: Jul 12 2018
ZKTeco Keyless Bluetooth Locks


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  1. Your Smartphone is now your key - Keyless entry with your smartphone
  2. Visitor Password: Create a ONE-TIME password for your guests,vistors,or house sitters via your smartphone.
  3. Random password: Random digits +correct digits+ random digits, user may enter any random digits in front of or behind the correct password to create unlimited random passwords to secure your place
  4. Know who comes and goes: A 247 activity log tracks who enters and exits your home. And with unique keys for each user, you’ll always know who opens your door and when.
  5. Convenient: Share codes anytime anywhere, voice guide with adjustable volume, back up key for emergency,bluetooth 4.0 provide less consumption.